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Arts and culture

Arts and cultural organizations around the world offer a unique ability to enrich, inspire and educate audiences with diverse backgrounds.

Civic and community

ExxonMobil supports many of the priorities of communities in which we operate and we encourage our employees to volunteer in the areas where they live and work.

Bruno visited Jeanne an Belize for malaria testing

Health and environment

We remain committed to environmental protection and stewardship in our operations, while also investing in programs to improve health and wellness.

University of Texas building

Higher education

ExxonMobil contributes to colleges, universities and other organizations that support higher education both in the United States and abroad.

Pre-college education

Improving educational programs worldwide to enhance science, technology, engineering and math skills is a priority area for ExxonMobil.

women's economic opportunity - mobile business and banking initiatives

Women's economic opportunity

ExxonMobil invests in programs to provide women with skills and resources to enhance their productivity and increase their income.

Workforce development

ExxonMobil funds workforce development programs to support workers’ education and training throughout their careers.

United appeals and workplace giving

ExxonMobil, together with its current and retired employees, contributes through company-sponsored workplace giving campaigns and volunteerism.