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Keeping pace with people and products

Rising prosperity and a global demand for essential products, many of which will be made with oil and natural gas, will fuel an increase in energy demand for chemical manufacturing by 2040.


Did you know there are oil or natural gas in all of these products and thousands more?

There’s oil and gas in there!

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Just a few of the medical products made from oil and gas.

Real lifesavers!

  • pacemakers
  • stents
  • artificial knees
  • & hips

How to turn oil into plastic?

Heat transforms hydrocarbon molecules into the basic building blocks for plastic products used in homes, cars, health care, and commerce.


In 2040

How will the chemical sector use energy down the line?


Energy needed to power all of the chemical plants and processes.


Oil and other hydrocarbons are used as building blocks that are processed into plastics, fertilizers, and other chemical products.

Chemical energy demand
goes global.

Chemical production will stimulate the 45 percent increase in related global energy demand, especially in developing regions with growing populations.


Share of global growth in energy demand for chemicals

  • North America

    chemical manufacturing expansion will be driven by access to low-cost natural gas liquids.

  • Middle East

    energy demand in chemical manufacturing will more than double.

  • Asia Pacific

    energy demand in chemical manufacturing is driven by population size and GDP growth.

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Energy demand in chemical manufacturing will increase by 45 percent in 2040 largely due to rising prosperity in Asia Pacific and other developing areas. This will create higher demand for thousands of consumer goods, many made of plastic, which use oil and gas as fuel and feedstocks.

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